More Millennium secrets...

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve this year?

In Los Angeles with my wife and family

What do you feel about the coming of the new Millennium?

It’s incredibly special – it’s something that only a few people will have the chance to experience in their lives – we’ve been lucky to be born at this time

What’s your favourite invention of the last 1000 years?

The English language

What hasn’t been invented yet that should have been?

A better way of communication – language is still a barrier

You’ve got 90 minutes to live before the Y2K apocalypse – what’s on your stereo?

Jerry Lee Lewis

If we survive, how will you celebrate New Year’s Day and what will your resolutions be for the rest of the year?

Still be in LA with my family. No resolutions, I feel lucky to have what I have – I wouldn’t change that…