Engelbert Humperdinck responds to being called ‘a c***’ by Sir Tom Jones

Veteran crooner says he "feels sorry" for Jones

Engelbert Humperdinck has responded to Tom Jones calling him a “c***” in a recent interview.

Jones used the expletive while discussing his long-running feud with fellow crooner Humperdinck, stating that he will never resolve his problems with the 79-year-old singer. Asked if he would ever patch things up with his rival, Jones replied: “No. It’s as I say – once a c*** always a c***”.

Humperdinck is reported to have been taken aback by the comment and said he was particularly shocked by the language used from Jones considering he is a Sir. “To be honest I feel sorry for Tom always being in a bad mood. Life is too short to hold anger inside. I wish him luck,” Humperdinck told Noise11.com.


There has long been reports of competition between the two veteran performers, with Wales Online writing that the pair “grew resentful of each other’s success and developed a simmering rivalry”. It is understood that the pair fell out after Humperdinck left record label MAM in the ’70s. MAM was owned by Jones and Gordon Mills, who managed both artists.


“I have always held Gordon Mills in very high esteem. He was my friend. He believed in my talent but for the sakes of my career I felt it best to branch away from MAM,” Humperdinck added.

In 2013, Humperdinck reached out to Jones, tweeting: “Hey Tom, I think we should put our differences aside and record a duet in the honour of [former manager] Gordon Mills. What do you think?” Jones failed to respond.

Jones recently spoke about his reaction to being axed from The Voice this summer. He says he told the BBC to “go fuck themselves”.

Tom Jones released his new covers album ‘Long Lost Suitcase’ last week (October 9). The Welsh singer covers the likes of The Rolling Stones, Hank Williams and more.

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