Tom Jones slams BBC: ‘I was treated better on a building site’

'It was a kick in the bollocks'

Tom Jones has spoken out once again to slam the BBC, claiming that he was ‘treated better on a building site’.

Sir Tom returns as a coach on the upcoming series of The Voice, as it prepares to launch at its new home of ITV this weekend. He’ll be joined by veteran judge along with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and Jennifer Hudson.

The music legend famously told the BBC to ‘go fuck themselves’ when he was replaced by Boy George without consulting him – slamming them for ‘sub-standard behaviour’. Now in a new interview with the Radio Times, he’s opened up about his upset at their decision.


“I was pissed off,” he said. “I never got to the bottom of who made the decision. It was between the production company Wall to Wall and the BBC, and I still don’t know why.”

He continued: “The first thing I thought was, ‘Why have they left it so late in the day?’ When we got the call, we said, ‘When did you make this decision?’ ‘Yesterday. And we’re going to give it to the press tomorrow.’ Oh, that’s nice!

“Well of course that’s a kick in the bollocks. When I used to work in factories or on a building site, you’d get a week’s notice at least!”

Sir Tom added: “They don’t call you up the day before and say, ‘Sorry, don’t come in tomorrow.’ You don’t make a decision like that overnight.”

The BBC’s Director Of Television, Danny Cohen, has since said he is “truly sorry” that Sir Tom Jones feels disappointed with the way he has been treated by executives working on The Voice.


The Voice UK returns on ITV1 on Saturday 7 January.