Tom Morello calls out Barack Obama for “war crimes”

The Rage Against The Machine and Prophets of Rage guitarist made the comments on his Twitter last week

Tom Morello has called out former US President Barack Obama on Twitter, accusing him of “war crimes” in a loaded tweet.

The Rage Against The Machine and Prophets of Rage guitarist took aim at Obama, who left office in 2016, after replying to a tweet from the ‘Black and Proud’ account.

That post, which appeared to take shots at President Donald Trump, read: “We miss President Obama. We miss his class. We miss the dignity he brought to the White House.”


Morello replied to the tweet by criticising Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East and accusing him of engaging in “war crimes” while he was in office. See the tweets below.

Morello has been a vocal critic of Obama for a number of years, telling The Hollywood Reporter back in 2012 that he “drank the Kool-Aid” in being swept up by the fervour of Obama’s initial election to the US presidency in 2008.

“I drank a little bit of the Kool-Aid initially,” he said. “It looked different than any other president, sounded different than any other president and then he acted the same as all the other presidents. If you have war crimes on your record, and you still continue to suck at the corporate teat like he does – my hopes were higher.”

Last month, Morello shared a grisly image of his hand being operated on after he injured it while he was practising guitar.

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