Tom Morello

“Make him uncomfortable”: Tom Morello praises Donald Trump baby blimp in NME’s Show and Tell

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist also shared his opinions on Michael Moore, Oasis, and George W. Bush

“That’s what makes [Trump] so crazy, like, the fact that he is mocked around the globe” – that’s what Tom Morello told NME about the Donald Trump baby blimp that’s been floating around major cities this year.

In a new NME Show and Tell video interview, the Rage Against The Machine guitarist – who last week released his new solo record ‘The Atlas Underground’ – welcomed mockery of his country’s president.

Reacting to a photo of the balloon, Morello said: “The more you can make him uncomfortable… probably the worse it is for the planet, because he’ll react in ways that would be dangerous – but I do enjoy that.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the guitar legend revealed that he still uses an iPhone 4 (“I don’t want to give [Apple] any more of my money”) and speaks fondly of filmmaker Michael Moore, who he calls “a hero”.

“What he’s done in the world of film, I’ve tried to do in the world of music,” Morello said of Moore’s work.

In his grandest display of sarcasm, Morello also talks about the “charming” George W. Bush, joking that the former American president’s offer of a candy to former First Lady Michelle Obama would absolve him of his alleged “war crimes”.

Watch the full interview above – and check out NME’s five-star review of Morello’s new album.