Tom Morello explains why he became an exotic dancer before starting Rage Against The Machine

An enterprising move from the young musician

Tom Morello has explained why he became an exotic dancer before starting Rage Against The Machine.

The guitarist was asked about the unusual job he had in his pre-fame days during a recent interview.

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, Morello confirmed that he had been an exotic dancer before the band formed in 1991. “My roommate and I at the time had a one-room apartment in Hollywood and, to enhance our dating lives, we thought the thing that would help would be if had a hot tub in our living room,” he explained.


“We, of course, couldn’t afford a hot tub so we figured out how much money it was going to take to buy this indoor kiddie pool and a water heater, and this and that, and the other, just to simulate a hot tub. And then we worked towards that with this extracurricular activity.”


The musician clarified that he didn’t dance on stage, but at hen dos. “You knock at the door, you’re wearing a suit, you knock at the door, ask for a cup of sugar, ‘Brick House’ comes on the stereo,” he said. “It wasn’t awesome, I gotta tell you. It wasn’t awesome, it really wasn’t. It was weird.”

Morello recently responded to a Twitter user who accused him of having “white man privilege”. The person was criticising the guitarist for defending his friendship with Ted Nugent, despite his controversial right-wing views, when they made the comment.


“I’m not white,” Morello replied. He is of Italian, Irish and Kikuyu Kenyan descent. His father Ngethe Njoroge is a Kenyan diplomat who served as the High Commissioner to the United Kingdom in the ‘70s.

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