Tom Morello guests on 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new single ‘Teeth’


Rage Against The Machine icon Tom Morello has surprised fans by lending some guitar work to 5 Seconds Of Summer‘s new single ‘Teeth’. Check it out below.

The Prophets Of Rage and Audioslave guitarist delivers his trademark fretwork on the closing bars of their new single – taking from their upcoming new album that also saw them work with Ryan Tedder, Andrew Wyatt and Charlie Puth.

“We actually did have a fourth horseman,” the band told Zane Lowe on Beats 1. “Tom Morello actually played on the track [Teeth] as well … We’re grateful enough to have him on the track and he plays the last outro. That’s a big feat for us as well. We were rehearsing we missed the opportunity to be there but we have recorded proof that it was him.” Morello and the band’s own Calum Hood both have feature moments on the track.”


Frontman Luke Hemmings said adding a diversity of talent to their pop palette was an essential part of the band progressing on their new material.

“We’re in the studio with Andrew Watt and Ali Tamposi, who we did ‘Young Blood’ and a couple other… and we were writing for like a month or I mean a bit more than that and just trying to search for something that was a step forward from ‘Young Blood’ and all that stuff that we’re writing on the third album and Ryan Tedder was in this day and we’re kind of flipping through,” said Hemmings.

“I always wanted to write with him for years. As a band we look up to One Republic obviously, and him as like a pop song writer so to write with him was already awesome. We’re kind of flipping through ideas and kind of written a little bit and it didn’t really work and then at the end of the day this idea came about and yeah, it happened really quickly. A lot of times the best songs just kind of fall out.”

Guitarist Michael Clifford added: “I think for us we’ve kind of felt that ‘Teeth’ was always going to be the track that was kind of setting the like precedent for the rest of this record and I think easier for us has always felt like bit of a set up.

“Kind of easing into the new different styles and genres and visuals and stuff like that, and I think Teeth is where we’re going to come balls blazing.”


Meanwhile, Morello’s supergroup outfit Prophets Or Rage recently spoke to NME about how they’re also progressing with new material.

“We’re constantly trying to work on more songs to get out,” said drummer Brad Wilk. “We’re not sure how we’re gonna release it yet. We just have to stay creative and keep coming up with stuff.

Morello added: “We’re playing in Europe throughout Europe in August and into September and we definitely wanna have more new music to shake up the set.”

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