Tom Morello teams up with Phantogram for eerie new single ‘Driving To Texas’

"This song is creepy as hell — a dark journey, a struggle for a tortured soul."

Tom Morello has enlisted New York electronic indie band Phantogram for a new single ‘Driving To Texas’.

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist enlisted the duo for the slow-burning, dramatic track. You can see a lyric video featuring dark, enigmatic figures below.

The song will appear on announced ‘The Atlas Underground Fire’ LP, the follow-up to Morello’s 2018 solo album ‘The Atlas Underground’.


“I’d worked with Josh [Carter] from Phantogram on my first Atlas Underground album and I was thrilled when he and Sarah reached out about collaborating on this record. This song is creepy as hell — a dark journey, a struggle for a tortured soul.”

Adding of his guitar solo on the track, he said: “The guitar solo needed to feel like a vengeful angel who has come down to decide the fate of the protagonist. Will they descend into the abyss or will they find redemption?

“‘Driving to Texas,’ really shows the breadth of the music you’ll hear on this record. Sarah has one of the most haunting and beautiful voices of anyone singing today, and Josh’s production is stylistically so fresh and eerie.”

Earlier this month, Morello revealed that Kanye West was among those who inspired the recording process of his upcoming new album, released on October 15.


“I read an interview with Kanye West, who was bragging about the fact that he had recorded vocals for two of his albums on the voice memo on his phone. And I said, ‘Well if it’s good enough for vocals on a Kanye West record, maybe I can record guitar riffs into my phone,’” he explained.