Tom Odell to release debut album in April

Singer-songwriter reveals 'Long Way Down' details

Tom Odell has revealed details of his debut album ‘Long Way Down’.

The singer-songwriter, who was named the Critics Choice at this years BRIT Awards, will release his album on April 15. The album includes the track ‘Another Love’ as well as new single ‘Hold Me’.

Speaking about the album, Odell said in a statement: “I hope the album feels human and real and that there are some flaws – because the flaws help make it what it is. Really, I’d love to live in a time when music felt uncontrived and imperfect and gave people a real sense of elevation. When it’s sad I want it to be really sad. When it’s happy I want it to feel euphoric…I suppose I want the record to express the heightened feelings and emotions we all get in our lives.”

Odell is signed to Lily Allen’s label In The Name Of, which will release the album in conjunction with Columbia. Speaking to NME about Odell, Allen said: “I’m not usually a massive fan of singer-songwriter stuff, but when I saw him live his energy onstage reminded me of David Bowie. It’s not soppy and moany at all, it’s energetic and insightful. And he’s totally gorgeous as well! Blond hair and blue eyes, and simply just lovely.”

The tracklisting for ‘Long Way Down’ is as follows:

‘Hold Me’
‘Another Love’
‘Grow Old With Me’
‘I Know’
‘Can’t Pretend’
‘Supposed To Be’
‘Till I Lost’
‘Long Way Down’

Scroll down to see the video for Tom Odell’s ‘Can’t Pretend’.

Tom Odell – Can’t Pretend on MUZU.TV.