Tom Vek uses footage of The KLF burning £1m in video for ‘Broke’ – watch

The musical pranksters performed the stunt on the Scottish island of Jura in 1994

Tom Vek has unveiled his new music video for ‘Broke’, featuring £1 million of cash going up in flames.

The clip features famous footage of the acid house duo The KLF setting £1 million of their own money on fire on the Scottish island of Jura.

Vek explained that the 1994 footage seemed “all the more ironic when attempting to make one for ‘Broke,’ one of the most personal songs from my latest album”.


He continued: “Thinking of concepts to compliment the sentiment of the track I was trying to think what could be the most expensive video of all time, instead of the grotesque flaunting of cash so commonplace, and often fraudulent, the statement that Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty made, still perplexing and brilliant to this day puts all other budgets to shame, and deserves to be continually shown on loop in every art gallery in the world.”

The footage was originally meant to be destroyed, but remaining film shot by collaborator Gimpo was later discovered and is now intended as a piece of re-conceptual pop art or, as Vek describes, “the cheapest most expensive music video”, referencing the current martial law regarding ownership and value in the internet age.

Tom Vek will perform at London’s Electric Brixton on May 22. Watch ‘Broke’ beneath.