Tom Waits announces live album details

'Glitter And Doom' to be released on November 24

Tom Waits is releasing a live album documenting his 2008 ‘Glitter And Doom’ tour.

Announced on, the double album will be released on November 24.

Released on both CD and vinyl, the first disc compiles 16 tracks from 10 different nights of the tour, while disc two is a single track of Waits‘ “between-song banter” in a continuous monologue.


Currently available to pre-order from, fans can also download the first eight tracks for free from his website.

The tracklisting for ‘Glitter And Doom’ will be as follows:

‘Lucinda’ / ‘Ain’t Goin Down’ (Birmingham – 07/03/08)
‘Singapore’ (Edinburgh – 07/28/08)
‘Get Behind The Mule’ (Tulsa – 06/25/08)
‘Fannin Street’ (Knoxville – 06/29/08)
‘Dirt In The Ground’ (Milan – 07/19/08)
‘Such A Scream’ (Milan – 07/18/08)
‘Live Circus’ (Jacksonville – 07/01/08)
‘Goin’ Out West’ (Tulsa – 06/25/08)
‘Falling Down’ (Paris – 07/25/08)
‘The Part You Throw Away’ (Edinburgh – 07/28/08)
‘Trampled Rose’ (Dublin – 08/01/08)
‘Metropolitan Glide’ (Knoxville – 6/29/08)
‘I’ll Shoot The Moon’ (Paris – 07/24/08)
‘Green Grass’ (Edinburgh – 07/27/08)
‘Make It Rain’ (Atlanta – 07/05/08)
‘Story’ (Columbus – 06/28/08)
‘Lucky Day’ (Atlanta – 07/05/08)

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