NME.COM has the details of his new album 'Real Gone'...

Tom Waits will release his new album ‘REAL GONE’ on October 4.

The legendary songwriter has also abandoned the piano for the record which features, according to Tom Waits, “cubist funk” and “vocal mouth percussion”.

Tom Waits said: “‘Real Gone’ is an electric pill box… a homogeneous concoction of mood elevators, mind liberators and downers, an alchemical universe of rattling chains, oscillating rhythms and nine-pound hammers.”

Amongst the musicians playing on the record are Canned Heat’s Larry Taylor and Primus’ bass player Les Claypool.

‘Real Gone’ was written and produced by Tom Waits with his wife and long-time collaborator Kathleen Brennan.

The ‘Real Gone’ tracklisting is:

‘Top of the Hill’

‘Hoist That Rag’

‘Sins of My Father’

‘Shake It’

‘Don’t Go Into That Barn’

‘How’s It Gonna End’

‘Metropolitan Glide’

‘Dead and Lovely’


‘Trampled Rose’

‘Green Grass’

‘Baby Gonna Leave Me’

‘Clang Boom Steam’

‘Make It Rain’

‘Day After Tomorrow’