The coyotes eat the three emus due to star in the promo for 'God's Away On Business'...

The video shoot for veteran maverick TOM WAITS’ new single was disrupted this week when three emus set to star in the promo were eaten by coyotes.

The birds had been due to be bussed onto the set at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, but the night before the shoot they were attacked and eaten.

Replacements were hastily found and the video for ‘God’s Away On Business’ the single lifted from ‘Blood Money’, one of Waits’ two new albums, went ahead a little late.

The video was directed by Jesse Dylan, son of Bob. He shot the covers for both ‘Blood Money’ and it’s companion album ‘Alice’, and also helmed the video for ‘Goin’ Out West’ from Waits’ 1992 album ‘Bone Machine’.

Both ‘Blood Money’ and ‘Alice’ are released in the UK on May 6.