Classic Tom Waits animated video set for restoration

'Tom Waits For No One' was made in 1979

An animated Tom Waits music video is set to be restored for its 35th anniversary.

‘Tom Waits For No One’ was made in 1979 and featured rotoscoping technology to capture the singer’s movements before they were animated. In the video – which sees the singer performing his track ‘The One That Got Away’ from his 1976 album ‘Small Change’ – the cartoon Waits is seduced on a Hollywood street by a female dancer. It was directed by John Lamb. Click above to watch the original video.

A Kickstarter appeal will launch later this month in order to help raise funds for the restoration of the video for an exhibition in Los Angeles in March 2015. Funds will go towards the transfer of “the original live action footage of Tom Waits and the video pencil test to a contemporary format to be projected throughout the gallery; restoration and framing of original animation cels for display; and restoration of the Lyon Lamb Video Rotoscope used in the film’s production”. For more information on the project, visit

Earlier this year Tom Waits signed to a booking agency for the first time in 20 years. The legendary singer songwriter started working with William Morris Endeavor. Waits, who rarely performs live, played his first show in five years as part of Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit in October 2013.

Last May Tom Waits joined The Rolling Stones live onstage to sing ‘Little Red Rooster’. The Rolling Stones played the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California and invited Waits to perform the blues classic, which the Stones famously covered in 1964. The track was originally performed by Howlin’ Wolf but Sam Cooke and The Doors also recorded their own versions.