Tommy Lee calls nemesis ‘Kid Pebble’, says he was bitch-slapped

And Lee apologises to Alicia Keys in internet post

Tommy Lee has addressed in an internet post Sunday night’s (September 9) tussle with Kid Rock at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Lee famously got into a fist-fight with Kid Rock, and was kicked out of the show while Rock stayed.

In a post on his website, Lee explains that while sitting at P Diddy’s table, Kid Rock approached him and tapped him on the shoulder. Lee says he stood up to gave Rock a “Hey dude semi-hug” and Rock punched him the face. Lee then says the punch was “more like a bitch slap!…….Wuss!!”


Going on to call Rock a “jealous country bumpkin”, Lee says “I would like to apologize to Alicia and George and MTV for the disrespectful bulls–t caused by a piece of s–t called Kid Pebble!!”

Rock whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, was subsequently cited by Las Vegas police for misdemeanor battery, a charge that carries up to six months in prison.

–By our New York staff.

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