Troubled ex-Motley Cr|e drummer faces the rap...

Ex-Motley Crue drummer and Methods Of Mayhem frontman Tommy Lee has been given eighteen months probation and a $161 fine by a US court after pleading no contest to assault last Tuesday (March 7).

The case relates to a 1997 Motley Cr|e concert at Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. Lee was accused of pouring a cup of beer over the head of black security guard John Allen during the show, and taunting him during the performance.

In return for pleading no contest, the American term for guilty, Lee had a charge of felony rioting with “ethnic intimidation” against him dropped.


Cr|e bassist Nikki Sixx also faces three similar charges relating to the incident. In addition, Allen also filed a civil lawsuit against the pair in 1998, seeking $75,000 damages. He told local reporters following the trial: “Nothing they can do really can make up for what they did to me and the other security guards that night.” Allen‘s second suit is scheduled to come to trial in the early summer.

Tommy Lee left Motley Cr|e in April of last year to concentrate on his new band, Methods Of Mayhem.