Tommy Lee’s wife ruins his car to promote new album ‘Andro’

Lee was less than impressed by his wife Brittany Furlan's promotional stunt

Tommy Lee will release his new album ‘Andro’ later this week, making the announcement via a TikTok video in which the Mötley Crüe drummer’s wife ruins his car.

In the video, Lee’s wife, the comedian and internet personality Brittany Furlan, addresses the camera saying: “I have a surprise for Tommy, I took his car and I had it wrapped with his new album cover.”

She then reveals the car to Lee, who is visibly dismayed by the update. “I’m gonna drive this around? What is wrong with you?” he says.


My album Andro comes out Friday and my wife wanted to help 🤦🏻‍♂️ thanks honey @brittanyfurlan #AltRocktober #Andro #showyourtruecolors

♬ original sound – Tommy Lee


“It’s so dope, now you can drive it around, do all your own promoting!” Furlan says.

Lee announced ‘Andro’ back in June, and shared two tracks in the form of ‘Knock Me Down’ featuring nu-metal rapper Kilvein and ‘Tops’ featuring South African rapper PUSH PUSH. Videos for both were directed by Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst.

The album features a range of guest vocalists and is the first solo work from Lee for 15 years, with his last LP arriving in the form of 2005’s ‘Tommyland: The Ride’.

A statement from Lee’s label Better Noise Music said the tracks “challenge virtually everything you thought you knew about [Lee] and his musical proclivities,” describing them as “the music that he was meant to make.”


Lee isn’t the only member of the recently-reformed Mötley Crüe to plot a solo album this year, with guitarist Mick Mars promising a record of his own at some point this year.