Tony Bennett stands by his call to legalise all drugs

The 'Body and Soul' singer makes the comments after his and Amy Winehouse's Grammy win

Following last night’s (February 12) Grammy win for his duet with the late Amy Winehouse, ‘Body and Soul’, crooner Tony Bennett has stood by his call to have all drugs legalised.

He made the original comments at Clive Davis’ Saturday night pre-Grammys party in the wake of Whitney Houston‘s death. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the 17-time Grammy winner said he had received a “mostly positive” reaction to his comments, adding that legalisation would: “get rid of all the gangsters that make people hide. One thing I’ve learned about young people, when you say ‘Don’t do this,’ that’s the one thing they’re going to try and do. Once it’s legal and everybody can do it, there is no longer the desire to do something that nobody else can do.”

Bennett, who formerly battled cocaine addiction, continued: “I witnessed that in Amsterdam. It’s legal, and as a result there’s no panic in the streets. There’s no deals, there’s no ‘Meet me at the corner and I’ll give you something.’ You’re always afraid you’re going to get arrested. You have to hide. Why do that?”

Tony Bennett picked up the Grammy for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Amy Winehouse‘s parents, Janis and Mitch. “We shouldn’t be here,” said Mitch in his acceptance speech. “Our darling daughter should be here. But these are the cards that were dealt.”