Comeback single by '70s beefcake star co-written by rakish [B]PULP[/I] frontman...

JARVIS COCKER has been writing lyrics for ’70s singer Tony Christie. One song, entitled ‘Walk Like A Panther’, will be released as a single early next year.

Christie, 55, a sort of poor man’s Tom Jones, who hit fame with tracks such as ‘Amarillo’ and ‘Avenues And Alleyways’ in the early 70s, filmed the video for the single last week at a fish and meat market in Christie’s and Cocker’s hometown of Sheffield.

A spokesman for Jarvis said that the music for the single had been written by Parrot from The All Seeing I. He explained that Parrot – also from Sheffield – and Cocker had been good friends for years. The All Seeing Eye I remixed Pulp’s last single ‘Party Hard’. Parrot is writing tracks for Christie’s comeback album and invited Jarvis to write lyrics for a couple of the songs.


Pulp are also considering an offer from the BBC to put together a themed evening of television. If the band agree, Pulp Night will be included as one of BBC2’s weekend theme nights.

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