Tony Christie speaks about Arctic Monkeys cover

Sheffield legend speaks about why he has covered a Monkeys tune

Tony Christie has explained why he chose to cover Arctic Monkeys‘Only The Ones Who Know’ for his forthcoming new album, ‘Made In Sheffield’.

The singer, who worked with fellow Sheffield residents Richard Hawley and Jarvis Cocker on the album, said that the young band reminded him of a musical era past, inspiring him to reinterpret their work.

“The reason I like the Monkeys is because they take me back to the 60’s,” he told BBC 6music on the night he played a gig last night (October 22) on The Royal Daffodil boat off Liverpool‘s Albert Dock. “It’s very like that 60’s scene, The Beatles and all that.

“It reminds me of that and of a time when I was kicking off in the business. So it’s a bit retro but great.”

‘Made In Sheffield’ is set for release on November 11.