Tony Wilson: re-read our last NME.COM interview

The Factory legend on cancer, Happy Mondays and his favourite new band

Tony Wilson spoke to NME.COM in April this year as he geared up to launch the New York leg of the In the City.

Having just recovered from having a kidney removed due to cancer – he was later to find out he was not free of the illness – he spoke to us about how he was feeling, his intentions to join Happy Mondays onstage and his love of the latest music around.

“I am getting a bit pissed off,” explains Tony Wilson as he makes plans for the In the City Of New York, while also recovering from having his kidney removed due to cancer. “Because in Manchester we’re a very tough town. Whenever I walk out on stage people boo me! I’m known to be a twat to everybody – this has not changed. In fact I became slightly more bad-tempered. The fact that everybody’s being nice to me is very disconcerting!”

However Wilson is not giving up easier, telling NME.COM that he has an appointment to keep in May, joining old friends Happy Mondays onstage in the US, he explains.

“The fact that I am out of bed and I am doing some work is very pleasant because my entire recovery strategy is based on me being able to walk onstage at Coachella at the end of next month and introduce my band Happy Mondays so I have to get better pretty quickly.”

Wilson made it, you can watch footage in the box below

Not that Wilson is focusing on past glories and as he finalises details for the June conference, he can’t help but give NME his top tip for the moment, namely St Albans new raver’s Enter Shikari.

“I have not seen anything as exciting since the Sex Pistols. They are that good,” says Wilson. “The idea of bringing the most exciting new band in the world to America is to me the most important thing I have done in my life for many years!”

Yet again, Wilson was not to be beat, with the band playing the festival on June 14

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