Tool take on the ‘hippies’ at Download

Donington's heaviest day reaches dramatic climax

Tool brought day one of Download to a shuddering climax last night (June 9).

The heavy metal heavyweights put in a dramatic main stage performance that featured new tracks ‘Roseta Stoned’, ‘Vicarious’ and ‘Jambi’.

And with his tongue firmly in his cheek, cowboy-hatted frontman Maynard James Keenan said of new album ’10,000 Days’, “so we have a new record out. Some of you hippies will have bought it.”


And despite leading the performance of the night, Keenan didn’t appear to get down with the festival spirit: “Did you all take your shoes off? I hope not, because people have been pissing on the ground around you, you hippies. You’ll just have to wipe them with your dreadlocks.”

Tool played:

‘Roseta Stoned’

‘Stink Fist’

’46 and 2’








Deftones also claimed victory returning to Donington, debuting one new track and turning out favourites ‘Hexagram’, ’ Minerva’ and ‘Change (In The House Of Flies)’.

But not so lucky were Coheed And Cambria, whose drummer Joshua Eppard was stuck at the airport back home. A replacement named as simply ‘MP’ stood in, and though they soldiered on for five songs, were forced to abandon their show 20 minutes early.

Download at Donington Racetrack continues tonight with a headline show from Metallica.