Top Boy actor Ashley Walters explains why Drake didn’t make a cameo on the show

"He's such a good actor but will people let him shed that Drake skin?"

Drake didn’t make an appearance in the new season of Top Boy, and now one of the show’s stars, Ashley Walters, has explained why.

The show recently returned to for a third season, currently available to watch on Netflix, and while the series is hardly short of star names, one was notably absent: Drake himself, who originally rose to fame as an actor when he appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation when he was 15 years old. In a recent radio interview, Walters questioned whether Top Boy was the right platform for the rapper to take on at the moment.

“It’s touch and go for you,” he said he told Drake. “He’s such a good actor but will people let him shed that Drake skin? Is it right for the first thing for him to do going back into his acting career be Top Boy? Because people are gonna be waiting to kill him for it.


“Knowing how good he was and whatever, I just felt like—for him—it would have been best to wait for another time.” Watch the clip below.

Drake is an executive producer on Top Boy and bought the rights for the gritty crime drama after it was unexpectedly axed by Channel 4 in 2011. Season three sees the dramatic return of Dushane and Sully, played respectively by Walters and Kane Robinson.

Last week, the ‘Nice For What’ rapper shared a new track ‘Behind Barz’, which appears on the latest soundtrack to the new season.