Tori Amos: ‘I knew more about shoes than classical music’ – video

Singer also discusses working with her daughter

Tori Amos has said that she didn’t have very much knowledge of classical music before she began work on her classically inspired new album ‘Night Of Hunters’.

The singer who releases her new album, her 12th, on Monday (September 20) via German classical label Deutsche Grammophon, admitted that despite paying homage to the likes of Bach and Chopin she didn’t know that much about the genre.

In the video interview, which can be seen by clicking above, the singer said: “I realised I knew more about shoes than classical music,” before work began on the album and she started a period of studying the works of various composers.

Speaking about the narrative of the albums “song-cycle” Amos said it followed the aftermath of a couples break up. “They’ve made the crossing from the new world to the old world and there’s a shattering in their relationship.” By the end of the album she says their fate is “up to the listener to decide. But there’s hope”.

‘Night Of Hunters’ also sees Amos‘ daughter Natashya Hawley making an appearance playing the character Anabelle. Working with her daughter was “natural”, she said.

“If I were having a dark night after a shocking experience I would go to [her] to talk to [her] so naturally I wanted [her] involved in the project.”