Tori Amos plays intimate London solo gig

Singer admits to taking ecstasy with crowd member's mum

Tori Amos played an intimate solo show tonight (December 2) that inspired a number of fans to camp out all night in the hope of getting tickets.

Fans, some who had travelled from as far as Poland, slept on the street to get wristbands for the singer-songwriter’s free HMV Get Closer gig at London‘s Jazz Café.

“I want to thank all of you for standing in the rain,” she told the crowd. “It was awful out there. It happens.”

Accompanying herself on the piano, the solo show saw Amos mix fan favourites with tracks from her new Christmas album – or as she put it, “a Solstice record” – ‘Midwinter Graces’.

Amos also told the crowd a tale about taking ecstasy before playing ‘Another Girl’s Paradise’, and revealed that the daughter of one of the people she took the drug with was in the packed crowd.

“There’s somebody here tonight whose mum I used to take ecstasy with, and I thought, ‘Oh my god!'” she confessed. “Well, I took something with her, somewhere it was legal – I’m in enough trouble with the British government already – on an island and I wrote a song about.”

The singer then jokingly added that her Christian father had initially another song inspired by the same period, ‘Father Lucifer’, was about him, before declaring, “Praise Jesus!” on discovering it was about drug-taking.

Finishing with ‘Pink & Glitter’, Amos shook hands with some of the crowdmembers as she left the stage.

Tori Amos played:

‘Lady In Blue’
‘A Silent Night With You’
‘Doughnut Song’
‘Jeanette, Isabella’
‘Mrs Jesus’
‘Beauty Of Speed’
‘Another Girl’s Paradise’
‘Star Of Wonder’
‘London Girls’
‘Pink & Glitter’