Toro Y Moi drops four #rare tracks – listen

'Couplegirls' and some numbered songs have been uploaded and hashtagged 'rare' on the artist's Soundcloud

Toro Y Moi has uploaded four tracks to his Soundcloud and hashtagged them #rare.

Titled ‘Couplegirls’, ‘2 – 1-12b’, ‘3 – 4-12b’ and ‘4 – 5-12b’, the snippets were unleashed on Boxing Day.

Tracks ‘3 – 4-12b’ and ‘4 – 5-12b’ previously featured on the 7″ split ‘Lyin (Pt 1-4)’ that Toro Y Moi released with Dog Bite in 2013, while the other two appear to be previously unheard.


These rare songs follow the free, 20-track EP, ‘Samantha’ that the North Carolina artist put out unexpectedly over Instagram and Dropbox in August.

Listen to the four rare clips below:

‘Samantha’ was recorded in Berkeley, California between January 2012 and August 2015, according to Pitchfork, and features collaborations with Washed Up, Kool A.D and SAFE amongst others.

You can download the album in full via Dropbox, here.

There are a couple of tracks on the collection that have been previously released or played live, including ‘2 Late’, which features Kool A.D and SAFE and was launched back in June. Most of the collection, however, is previously unreleased material and spans the last two Toro Y Moi albums as well as ‘Michael’, the debut release under the ‘Les Sins’ moniker.