Toro Y Moi releases surprise 20-track collection ‘Samantha’

Recorded over nearly four years, 'Samantha' was released through Instagram and Dropbox

South Carolina native Toro Y Moi has unexpectedly released a 20-track free-download hip-hop collection entitled ‘Samantha’, via his Instagram account.

‘Samantha’ was recorded in Berkeley, California between January 2012 and August 2015, according to Pitchfork, and features collaborations with Washed Up, Kool A.D and SAFE amongst others.

You can download the album in full via Dropbox, here (the link is experiencing some high-traffic problems at the time of writing, so you may have to wait a few hours).


There are a couple of tracks on the collection that have been previously released or played live, including ‘2 Late’, which features Kool A.D and SAFE and was launched back in June. Most of the collection, however, is previously unreleased material and spans the last two Toro Y Moi albums as well as ‘Michael’, the debut release under the ‘Les Sins’ moniker.

NMEJordan Blackmon/NME

The full track listing is as follows:

1 Power of Now
2 2 Late (featuring Kool A.D. and SAFE)
3 Driving Day
4 Good Song
5 Pitch Black (featuring Rome Fortune)
6 Us 2
7 That Night (featuring Kool A.D. and SAFE)
8 Stoned at the MoMA
9 Room for 1zone
10 Want (featuring Washed Out)
11 Ambient Rainbow
12 Benjiminz (featuring Rome Fortune)
13 Boo Boo Mobile
14 Bytheneck
15 Real Love (featuring Kool A.D.)
16 Enough of You (featuring Nosaj Thing)
17 The Usual
18 Prayer Hands
19 Holy Nights (featuring SHORE)
20 welp, tour’s over

Toro Y Moi’s previous release was April 2015’s ‘What For?’, his fifth studio album. He has previous when it comes to recorded ‘collections’, having sold ‘June 2009’ (released April 2012) as a tour-only CD-R initially, before releasing it on CD and vinyl.

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