Torres appeals for help getting home after her European tour is hit by coronavirus

A host of artists have been forced to either cancel or postpone their shows due to the outbreak

Torres has appealed for help from her fans after her European tour was hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Brooklyn singer is currently touring Europe and is due to perform in Zurich tomorrow (March 13). She had further dates lined up in Italy and France.

But US President Donald Trump yesterday (March 11) announced that travel from Europe to the US will be suspended due to the ongoing outbreak, from tomorrow.


Torres has now appealed to her fans to help her get back to the US where she has a series of dates scheduled, kicking off in Seattle on March 31.

Writing on Twitter, she said: “I’m asking for help getting home, guys. I’m going to lose every penny I made on tour booking emergency flights for my band. Thank you in advance. I’ve never experienced anything like this. Please be well everyone Xx.”


Torres is the latest artist to experience problems following the outbreak of coronavirus. My Chemical Romance, Bikini Kill, Bombay Bicycle have all been forced to postpone their tours this week.

A series of festivals including Coachella, South By Southwest and Snowboarding Festival 2020 have also either been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Torres recently released her latest album ‘Silver Tongue’, which NME described as “her most personal memoir yet”.

“It’s hard to imagine anyone not being won over by an album that opens it heart as much as this,” our review stated.

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