Bob Weston hits back at festival detractors after organiser lashes out at "whining little bedwetters"...

The ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES indie-fest has become embroiled in a bitter war of words between festival-goers and the event’s promoter BARRY HOGAN, who branded some of the fiercest critics “whining little bedwetters” and “a bunch of c***s”.

The row broke out on the festival’s messageboard at Shellac jumping to Hogan’s defence.

Criticisms levelled at the event, which was this year curated by Tortoise, included security being heavy-handed, festival-goers being treated badly by the organisers and bands being kept at arm’s length from the audience at the 2,500-capacity weekend event.


Seemingly losing patience with his detractors, Hogan had hit back saying, “There were a lot of miserable pricks there” and telling certain critics to “fuck off and don’t come back”.

Defending ATP on the Shellac mailing list, Weston said: “Having been to some of the big-British-festivals-in-field and then going to the past two ATPs, we in Shellac are really impressed… it’s amazing.” He praised the PA and the sound, the late-night bar, the diversity of bands chosen and the audience.

On the issue of security, he said: “Regardless of how cool the owners and managers of a security company are, the rank and file always seem to be a bit of a bummer. We plan on seeing if there’s any way to make that better next year.”

He also said: “As for the ‘performers being out of reach of the general public’, that is a crock too. That’s one of the things we like about this festival. Both years I saw tons of performers in the crowd… Everyone at ATP seems like they’re there for the right reasons – because they’re music fans. Not because they’re ‘making the scene’ or think it’s important to ‘be seen’ at a particular concert by a critically important band etc. Buying tickets and getting to this place are not trivial matters, it’s a real commitment, and so it seems to us that the people willing to make that commitment are not scenesters but true fans.”