The label release the exclusive compilation to coincide with their tenth anniversary...

Tortoise, Lambchop, Yo La Tengo and WHEAT are among the artists featured on a compilation released to coincide with the tenth anniversary of CITY SLANG RECORDS.

The compilation, titled ‘Grand Slang’, is released on July 10 and features rare and unreleased tracks taken from the vaults of City Slang‘s Berlin office. The compilation is already available on mainland Europe, but import copies of the compilation have led to a UK release.

Tracks on the album include a dub remix of the Lambchop track ‘Up With People’, and Tortoise‘s ‘Madison Area’ – previously only available on selected tour dates.


The full track listing for the album is: Yo La Tengo‘From A Motel 6 (Steve Fisk Remix)’ Wheat – ‘More Than You Ever New’ Salaryman – ‘Strongholder’ Larmousse – ‘Relics And Artefacts’ Calexico – ‘Chach (Tasha Bundy Remix)’ Lambchop – ‘Up With People (Zero 7 Reprise Mix)’ To Rococo Rot – ‘Cars (Variant)’ Tortoise – ‘Madison Area’ Schneider TM – ‘Switched On Boss Hog’ Experimental Pop Band – ‘Softrock Classic (Le Hammond Inferno Remix)Reverse Commuter – ‘The Organ That Killed Me’

The release of ‘Grand Slang’ tops off two months of birthday celebrations for the label. In May, Flaming Lips headlined one of three nights of shows at the London Royal Festival Hall. Other City Slang bands who performed over the three days included Lambchop, Experimental Pop Band, Wheat, Built To Spill and To Rococo Rot.

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