Tove Lo: ‘It’s OK to be a rock star if you’re a man, but not a woman’

She recently had a vagina tattooed on her arm

Tove Lo has slammed the portrayal of female musicians saying “it’s OK to be a rock star when you’re a man, but not if you’re a woman”.

She criticised the music industry for having double standards when it comes to gender.

“I read this article about The Weeknd, who I love, I’m a huge fan I think he says things very much in his [own] way,” she said.


“I’m not comparing us as artists, because I think we’re very, very different, but we sing about some of the same subjects. [The article] describes him as this deep, dark soul that is a loner, who is going through all these things and has a complex mind, whereas they portrayed me more as, like, ‘Yeah, she’s a party girl that still sings about sex and drugs’.”

The singer’s raunchy short film ‘Fairy Dust’, which featured scenes of masturbation was recently pulled from YouTube.

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Lo told the Gulf News: “It’s almost like, if you’re a woman or girl, you shouldn’t want to be upfront and honest about maybe not being the ideal citizen. It’s okay to be a rock star if you’re a man, but not if you’re a woman.”

Despite her comments she says things are starting to improve for female artists.


She added: “It’s changing, though. There [are] so many girls now who are so unapologetic, Rihanna being one of them, and Charli XCX and Lorde. [Artists who are] like, ‘Here’s what I’m going to do, here’s what I’m going to say, and you can think what you want, but I’m still going to be me and not make excuses’.”

The singer recently shared a photo unveiling a new tattoo of a vagina on her arm.

Tove Lo is playing two UK dates in March. She will play:

Wed March 15 2017 – MANCHESTER O2 Ritz
Fri March 17 2017 – LONDON O2 Shepherds Bush Empire