Donny Tourette trashes Arctic Monkeys

'There’s no one I despise more' says 'Big Brother' man

Towers Of London frontman Donny Tourette has trashed Arctic Monkeys.

As previously reported, Tourette escaped from the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in the early hours of Saturday morning (January 6).

However now speaking after his reality TV experiment, the singer has used his new found infamy to take on the Sheffield band.

“It’s about time someone put those Arctic Monkeys fucking wankers in their place,” declared the singer. “There’s no one I despise more.”

Tourette called the band “manufactured wannabes” and accused them of not writing their own songs.

He continued: “The Arctic Monkeys have no sense of humour, they take themselves so seriously. They’re drab man…(they) claim to be all witty but they’re just fucking bland in their songs and in person. They’re not exactly rock and roll. Not like the Towers.”

Tourette also admitted BabyshamblesPete Doherty was one of the first people he spoke after leaving the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Repeating what Doherty had told him when he left the reality show, he said: “’You’re a fucking legend for not taking any shit from Jade Goody and getting out’.”

The singer added that the one time he had tried crack was with Doherty.

He told the Daily Mirror: “We toured together a little bit and it was totally fucked-up. He’s a fucking legend and is totally for real – so don’t diss him.”

As previously reported, Towers Of London are set to play a “freedom” gig tomorrow (January 10) at London‘s 100 Club, with tickets being sold on the door.