Donny Tourette escapes from Big Brother

He scales fence after just two days inside

Towers Of London singer Donny Tourette has made a dramatic escape from the Big Brother house legging it over the garden fence after just 48 hours inside.

The singer scaled the fence late last night (January 5) with help from H, former member of pop band Steps. Tourette, who abused and taunted the crowd as he walked into the house, refused to act as a servant for former contestant Jade Goody. Goody, who came fourth in 2002 but went on to become the most famous Big Brother competitor ever, had just re-entered the house with members of her family.

Donny was one of eight celebrities forced to wait on Jade, her family and three other contestants. They were moved into Victorian-style servants’ quarters in a separate section of the house following a vote, allowing the other contestants to live in luxury.

A spokeswoman for Big Brother confirmed Donny‘s departure from the house, saying a full statement would be made later.

During his brief time in the house, Donny jumped fully clothed into the hot tub, got a ticking off in the diary room and found himself having to share the house’s only double bed with Leo Sayer.