Towers of London in brick attack

Band's drummer has a lucky escape

Towers Of London had a lucky escape last night (February 14) after a group of teenagers targeted the band with breeze blocks.

The five-piece were chatting to a group of fans after a gig outside York Fibbers when the incident happened.

According to guitarist The Rev, Towers drummer Snell was a whisker away from ending up in hospital.

“We were just signing some autographs and having some pictures taken when a breeze block came flying past Snell from about 40 feet up,” he explains. “He was lucky because if it’d been any closer he’d have been fucked and we’d have been minus a drummer.”

Following the incident, the band and their guitar tech tried to chase the two teenagers down before one of them was eventually caught and handed over to the police, The Rev said.

“It put a dampener on a good night because we played an absolutely cracking gig here. I know it was only a couple of kids messing about but it could have been really serious,” he added. “We don’t have much luck when we play here. Last time we performed somebody put a brick through the front windscreen of our tour bus. If they’d have done that this time we’d have been fucked.”

Towers will continue their UK tour at Luton Melting Pot tonight (February 15) before wrapping up at Romford Bitter End on Saturday (February 17).