Donny Tourette lays into ‘Big Brother’

He calls Jade Goody a 'fucking fat prick'

Donny Tourette has labelled his fellow former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant Jade Goody a “fucking fat prick”.

The Towers Of London frontman quit the house on January 5, scaling a wall to leave just two days after entering in protest at having to be Goody her mum and boyfriend’s ‘servant’.

Subsequently, Goody was the the centre of a row where she and fellow contestants, including her mum Jackiey Budden, were accused of bullying and racism towards fellow contestant and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Speaking to NME.COM, Tourette said: “I fucking called it, didn’t I! I called it for everyone else who was giving it ‘Oh, she’s a really lovely person’ and that people misunderstood her, but she’s a fucking fat prick and her mum’s…they’re both shit.

“The way they acted with all the bullying shit and the racism, it was no surprise to me. They’ve always been those sort of people anyway.

“To be honest, I sort of saw flashes with that sort of thing, but it upped a level when the ringleader came in. I’m glad I wasn’t a part of it, but if I had been it wouldn’t have happened but I wouldn’t have stood for that kind of behaviour, to be honest.”

The singer says the public reaction he’s received since he left the show has been almost wholly positive.

He revealed: “I get recognised more in supermarkets. It’s alright, more people want to say hello. I’m used to getting a lot of grief, but funnily enough but people seem to a bit more accepting. 99% of people have come up to me to say ‘Nice one, I’d have done the same’.”

Goody and her mum have now been evicted from the house. The show concludes on Sunday (January 28) – and Shetty is currently favourite to win.