Fan injured at Towers Of London gig

Hull date now cancelled following Loughborough Students Union show

A fan was injured during the Towers Of London’s gig at Loughborough University Students Union last night (November 3).

The unnamed punter was hurt after a microphone stand fell from the stage during the performance and struck him on the head.

He was forced to spend the night in hospital due to his injuries.

The band, who went on to complete their set, issued the following statement to NME.COM: “During the show at Loughborough University Students Union a member of the audience was struck on the head by a microphone stand. He was taken to hospital to have his injuries treated. Donny Tourette, (lead singer) was unaware that this unfortunate incident had taken place and the show continued as normal. After the gig Donny was told what had happened and was upset that someone had been injured at one of Towers Of London’s gigs.”

However the matter didn’t end there, as friends of the injured fan tried to confront the band after the show.

“At the end of the show two friends of the injured man managed to get backstage,” explained a spokesperson for Loughborough Students Union. “Venue security were able to quickly move the two men from the venue.”

Meanwhile the band were due to play Hull Students Union tonight (November 4).

However that gig has been cancelled as a result of yesterday’s incident.

The Union explained their decision on their website saying: “We have a duty of care towards our students, and alleged actions by the Towers Of London towards members of the audience at another Student Union we find totally unacceptable. We are cancelling the event and we believe our actions to be completely justified.”

The band’s next gig is currently scheduled to take place at Bangor University on November 5.