Singer pleads guilty to criminal damage...

TOWERS OF LONDON singer DONNY TOURETTE has been fined after pleading guilty to criminal damage today (June 13).

Appearing at Cambridge Magistrate’s Court, the singer – appearing under his real name Patrick Brannon – was ordered to pay £775 in compensation, fines and court costs.

The charge dates back to a show at the city’s Anglia Polytechnic University on February 10 this year, when police were called after a gig ended in a canopy being destroyed and scaffolding being broken.

They were damaged after Tourette was seen hanging from an overhead cable. Defence lawyer Steve Sharp told Magistrate Mr G Minto that it was an “act of bravado” and that the singer got carried away and “did something that he subsequently regrets”.

Tourette, whose bandmates were waiting outside the court building, pleaded guilty to criminal damage on reckless grounds.

He will now have to pay £100 for immediate damages and £300 for consequential losses to the venue, on top of a £300 fine payable to the court and £75 in costs.

Outside court, Mr Sharp said: “My client reached a sensible compromise with the Crown Prosecution Service, he is happy to put this case behind him. He would like to thank his fans for their support and he looks forward to meeting them during the current tour.”

Towers Of London are making the most of their singer’s day in court by playing a free gig tonight at the city’s Junction venue.