Towers Of London reveal Liam Gallagher inspiration behind new songs

Dirk Tourette gets ready to 'fight against the pricks' again

Towers Of London have revealed that they are working on a batch of new songs.

Writing on, guitarist Dirk Tourette blogged that they have spent the past few months in their recording studio (“the air raid shelter”), working on new songs including ‘President’, ‘Legslide’ and ‘Heard It On The Stereo’.

“Well, we have been sat down the air raid shelter for months now like the three stooges just really fuckin havin’ a larf and remembering what it was all about in the first place,” Tourette wrote. “Getting in peoples faces, fighting against the pricks and pissing against the wind. But mostly playing fast speedy rock ‘n’ roll.”


Tourette promised that the new songs – which are likely to feature on the follow up to 2008 album ‘Fizzy Pop’ – will be “real headshakers”.

He went on to quote OasisLiam Gallagher in his blog by saying “It doesn’t matter if its outta tune…cos your cool.”

Gallagher can be heard saying that on Oasis‘ cover of The Beatles‘I Am The Walrus’, which was released as the B-side to ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ in 1994.

Before signing out, Tourette added that Towers Of London will post some new demos online “soon”.

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