Ex-Towers Of London man teams up with punk veteran

Jimmy Pursey's post-Sham 69 project revealed

Former Towers Of London and The Prodigy guitarist The Rev has been collaborating with Sham 69‘s Jimmy Pursey.

The pair have formed a band called Day 21 with bassist Mat Sargent and ex-Towers drummer, Snell.

The ex-Sham 69 singer spoke to The Rev after his stint with The Prodigy ended in February this year.

Jimmy had split with Sham 69 and asked me and Snell if we wanted to put something together,” says The Rev told NME.COM.

“We’ve been recording an album at Dean Street studios [where Bowie recorded ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars’], working at Olympic studios and we’ve been doing a few showcases around London, as well as a gig with The Ruts.”

He added the new band were looking tour later this year are currently working on 15 tracks for their album. He also praised Pursey‘s songwriting.

“He’s a cracking man and a fantastic songwriter. He’s been around a while and he’s got all the scars and the stories to prove it. There’s no egos, even though Jimmy‘s been in one of the biggest punk bands,” he explained.

“He’s a great guy – Mad Uncle Jimmy we all call him. He’s got all the energy of a 19-year-old punk and he’s still going strong.”

The Rev says Day 21 chose their name simply due to when the band was formed.

“It was Jimmy‘s idea,” he revealed, “It was the date he finished with Sham and we joined,” said the guitarist. “I’ve got so much going on at the moment. I’m still in touch with The Prodigy and I’m putting my own club night on [Knees Up, Face Down] at 93 Feet East in London.”