TQX and Sia unveil mind-bending video for ‘The Day That You Moved On’

TQX have teamed up with Sia for epic new collaboration, ‘The Day That You Moved On’. See the video first on NME below.

Released today, the debut single from the mysterious pop collective sees them collaborate with the acclaimed collaborator and art-pop pioneer for a rush of drama and slick operatics – complete with a mend-bending music video.

“Sia has brought the challenging nature of art into the pop world and we are honoured and excited to have her involved,” TQX told NME. “This song speaks of the pain of breakup but also… the realization that technology can rob us of relationships, real life and the present moment. The unfolding reality of advancing technology is something that needs to be commented on and so we are using our songs to speak our piece.”

They added: “As an artist famed for questioning attitudes towards image and marketing by singing live with her back to audiences or with her face obscured, Sia was the perfect candidate to participate in the project.”

The track is taken from TQX’s upcoming debut album, ‘GLOBAL INTIMACY’ – featuring appearances from Daniel Merriweather, Gabriel Winterfield of Jagwar Ma, New York MC Cormega and players who’ve worked with David Bowie, D’Angelo and Jeff Buckley.

“We are disturbed by the control that technology exerts on our lives, and social media’s power to reduce people to nothing more than cash cows,” they said of the album’s themes. “The unfolding reality of advancing technology is something that needs to be commented on. The internet has become insidious,” say TQX. “People’s actual attention is a commodity now. Attention itself is money.”