King Krule and Ratking to feature on new Trash Talk album ‘No Peace’

Hear new song 'Cloudkicker' now

King Krule and Ratking rapper Wiki will appear on ‘No Peace’, the new album by Trash Talk.

The US hardcore band will release their latest studio album on May 26, via Odd Future Records. King Krule and Wiki feature on ‘Stackin’ Skins’, which will appear as a bonus track on the album. Scroll down for a full album tracklist and to hear new song ‘Cloudkicker’ now.

In addition to ‘Stackin’ Skins’ and ‘Cloudkicker’, ‘No Peace’ will also feature two tracks recorded by hip-hop producer Alchemist. ‘No Peace’ is Trash Talk’s follow up to 2012 release ‘119’ and their third since ‘Eyes and Nines’ was released in 2010.


Ratking and King Krule have played live together in the past, with the London based singer-songwriter supporting the group at a show in Brooklyn in December 2013. They collaborated on ‘So Sick Stories’, a track which features on Ratking’s debut album ‘So It Goes’, released earlier this year.

The ‘No Peace’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Amnesiatic’ (produced by Alchemist)
‘The Hole’
‘Body Stuffer’
‘Nine Lives’
‘The Great Escape’
‘Locked in Skin’
‘Just A Taste’
‘Reprieve’ (produced by Alchemist)
‘Still Waiting For The Sun’ (Bonus Track)
‘Stackin Skins’ (feat. Wiki and King Krule) (Bonus Track)