The band get it in the neck after admitting they take Class A drugs...

Travis have been slammed by anti-drugs campaigners for admitting to taking Class A drugs.

In a recent interview, the band admitted to trying just about everything.

“As far as illegal drugs go, I think we can safely say all of us have sampled everything – apart from heroin and glue,” frontman Fran Healy said.

“We’ve done our fair share, but nothing ridiculously bad for you,” drummer Neil Primrose added.

Now Jan Betts, mother of Leah, who died after taking ecstasy several years ago, has spoken out condemning Travis as “dangerous”.

“To make statements like that is to send out a very dangerous message to thousands of their fans,” she told Scotland’s Daily Record. “All of those drugs are harmful. To say they are not particularly bad for you is an extremely silly comment. It’s to be hoped they’re no longer using these drugs. If they are still taking them and have a long-term problem they should seek help. To say things like this is sending out a very dangerous message. For fans to hear it is very worrying.”

Travis have not responded to Mrs Betts’ remarks.

Mrs Betts and Leah’s father have been campaigning against drug use since their daughter’s death in 1995. Leah collapsed and died during her 18th birthday party at her home in Chelmsford. An inquest into the teenager’s death was told that she had died after drinking too much water causing her brain to swell, rather than from an allergic reaction to ecstasy.