Let's hear it for Travis, Starsailor, Ryan Adams...and all you good souls...

NME’s CARLING SHOW with Travis, Starsailor, Ryan Adams and REMY ZERO on February 4 raised £15,000 for WAR CHILD – with FRAN HEALY boosting the total with a personal donation from his own pocket.

The total included proceeds from ticket sales, plus some £1300 collected in buckets by volunteers.

Norman Sheehan, CEO of War Child, said: “Monday night was very special, and we’d like to thank NME and all four bands for putting on such a great show. The £15,000 raised will go a very long way in places like Afghanistan and Africa, and is particularly welcome at the start of what is likely to be a very busy year for organisations like ourselves.”

He continued: “Getting the plight of children in war on the agenda is always an uphill struggle, which is why last week’s gig was so important. If we can encourage young people, like those at the Astoria, to consider the horrors faced by those caught up in conflicts, then we stand a chance of making the future a more hopeful place than the present.”