The artists want the UK government to withhold support for a war on Iraq...

TRAVIS, CRAIG DAVID and BRIAN ENO are amongst stars who have signed a newspaper advert opposed to proposed military action on IRAQ.

Since last year, various musicians have been vocal in their opposition to the military build up in the Middle East, led by the US and supported by the UK.

A full-page advert has been taken out in today’s The Guardian newspaper (February 13) by the ‘No War On Iraq Liaison’ group, signed by a variety of MPs, musicians and public figures.

The advert reads: “We add our voices to the growing and broad range of domestic and international opinion opposed to the United States proposed military action on Iraq.

“We believe that such a war would be both immoral and contrary to international law. It would inevitably further destabalise the situation in the Middle East. We urge the British government to withhold support for a war on Iraq and call on all who support peace and respect international law to take a similar stand.”