The band preview their new album at the Concern Concert For Africa...


played five new songs at a homecoming show in Scotland last night (June 22), when they headlined a benefit gig for the African humanitarian

aid charity CONCERN.

The band were headlining the second Concern Concert For Africa to be held in

Scotland, at Edinburgh’s 2,900-capacity Usher Hall, on a bill which also

included Arab Strap and Idlewild, who stepped in at the 11th hour after [a][/a] were forced to pull out due to illness.


fans were treated to a 17-song set, which included three brand new

tunes – ‘Re-Offender’, ‘Definition Of Wrong’ and ‘How Many Hearts’ – as well

as ‘Beautiful Occupation’, which was included on the recent ‘Hope’ charity compilation album, and ‘Love

Will Come Through’, which featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘Moonlight Mile’.

Frontman Fran Healy was uncharacteristically short on between-song banter, but took the opportunity to outline why the band chose to support the Concern campaign to raise awareness and funds for famine relief and healthcare provision Africa, before playing ‘Re-Offender’.

He said before the band came onstage, he had been speaking to the editor of Scottish newspaper The Sunday Herald, who have been organising the series of Concern concerts, about the situation in Africa. “These are some statistics – 25 million people are going to be infected with HIV within the next 15 years out there. That’s fucking mental. We’ve got this fucking dickhead (George W) Bush over in America who’s talking about ‘weapons of mass

destruction’ – they don’t exist, obviously. The biggest weapon of mass

destruction I can think of is AIDS. It’s ridiculous, and it’s ignorance on

these governments’ parts.”

And he urged the audience to speak to their friends, family and colleagues

about the situation in Africa, and support the work of Concern there. “If

people ask you what the fuck did you do about that, it would be kind of nice

to go, ‘We sorted it out.’ It’s going to be shit in 20 or 30 years’ time if

we go, ‘We just allowed 25 million people to die’.”

Healy has also asked fans to bear with them while they introduced new songs into the set, but added that they would wait to showcase new material at their own headline shows. “We weren’t planning to do any shows at the moment, we are putting finishing touches to the next record,” he said. “It’s sounding great, really good, really cool. But when we were asked to do this by The Sunday Herald, we couldn’t say no, it’s a great cause.”

The set-list ran:

‘Writing To Reach You’

‘Beautiful Occupation’



‘As You Are’


‘The Fear’



‘Love Will Come Through’

‘Good Day To Die’

‘Humpty Dumpty Love Song’

‘Definition Of Wrong’



‘How Many Hearts’

‘Coming Around’

‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’