Fran Healy admits "breaking down" in LA at the start of the year

Travis singer FRAN HEALY has admitted that he came close to cracking up at the end of 1999 and broke down in tears at the start of this year’s US tour.

In an exclusive interview in this week’s Melody Maker, Healy said “I broke down in LA just as we started back, I completely broke down. And I don’t cry. I was sitting in bed, just crying. I was beginning to lose it. It’s the pressure.”

Healy also revealed that he’s given up smoking cannabis and thinks his former habit may have accelerated his crack up.


“There’s that thing where you come offstage and you have a spliff to pull yourself down. But if you’re doing it every night after a show, just to chill, the effects of that can be seen on you. My temper’s shorter and everything’s fucked.”

Healy gave up smoking dope at the start of the year: “January 5. It was kinda like a New Year’s resolution.”

For more on how Fran‘s dealing with the pressures of fame and the scoop on his shady past as a hamster murderer, the full story’s in this week’s Melody Maker.

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