The poptastic follow-up to 'The Man Who' will be recorded in LA this Autumn...

Travis are set to begin recording their follow-up to ‘THE MAN WHO’ in LOS ANGELES this autumn – and they want it to sound like boy band N*SYNC.

Speaking on LA radio station KROQ‘s Kevin and Bean Breakfast Show earlier today (July 20), singer Fran Healy said the band, who have been on tour for the last 15 months, are looking forward to winding up their on-the-road campaign, which ends in three months, and work on their third LP.

“We’re gonna record it in LA,” Healy confirmed, adding, “But we’re [only] doing three weeks. That’s where we’re starting it, I don’t think we can stay in America any longer legally, but they’d like us to come back in January as well.” Healy also joked about the direction of the new record and trying to replicate the success of ‘The Man Who’, joking, “It’s gonna sound like an N*’Sync record. We’re gonna go on a tour and it’s gonna be called the ‘Show Me Your Chest’ tour.”


In addition to performing several songs on the morning show, including ‘Baby One More Time’ and AC/DC‘s ‘Back In Black’, Healy, who was joined at the station by bassist Dougie Payne, said they have been enjoying their latest US tour stint, which wraps up tonight (July 20) in Los Angeles, a city they’ve grown fond of.

“I kind of like it for a start ‘cos there’s sun, the other thing is it’s so different, although we all speak English, it’s just different,” said Healy.

“[The show is] totally sold out, It’s kind of cool ‘cos every time this year we’ve been in LA, we did the Troubadour, we did the El Rey, and every time we’ve come back it’s been a hot ticket in the city. And that’s sometimes bizarre to think that you know, Travis is a hot ticket.

“It’s strange ‘cos there’s a lot of parallels between the way it was going in America and the way it was going in Britain when we first brought the record out.Strange thing is we got really great reviews for the album (‘The Man Who’) in America, but when it came out in Britain they kind of slagged it off.”

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