Fran Healy and the boys give NME.COM the lowdown on 'The Invisible Band'...

TRAVIS have given NME.COM an exclusive preview of their new album ‘THE INVISIBLE BAND’ and comeback single ‘SING’.

Fran Healy and Dougie Payne invited NME.COM along for the first play of the new single ‘Sing’ along with album tracks ‘Dear Diary’, ‘The Side’ and ‘Flowers In The Window’.

NME.COM can also reveal that the band have recorded a cover version of Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’ as a B-side to ‘Sing’, which will be released on May 28. The album, recorded in LA’s Ocean Way studios, with producer Nigel Godrich, follows on June 11.

All four songs sounded slightly closer to debut album ‘Good Feeling’ than ‘The Man Who’, with the overall sound fuller and heavier than the previous two albums. Healy’s vocals also sound much stronger on this album.

The single ‘Sing’ coasts along backed by exuberant banjo and Godrich’s trademark electronic atmospherics, while the word ‘sing’ is repeated during the chorus. It’s not as immediate as previously single ‘Coming Around’ and most reminiscent of ‘Turn’ from the ‘The Man Who’.

‘Dear Diary’, one of the final songs Healy wrote as he was finishing the record, is introspective and downbeat with intensely personal lyrics. Of the four, it’s the song closest in spirit to ‘The Man Who’.

‘The Side’ is the standout track and an obvious single – it’s epic, anthemic and incredibly catchy. ‘Flowers In The Window’ has now been reinstated to the album after Healy previously said “it just didn’t fit”. Backed by seagull sounds, it will be familiar from live outings last year and the recorded version does not differ greatly. All songs are backed by Godrich’s arsenal of whirring ambient effects.

For the full low-down on the new album, including an interview with the band and exclusive pictures, see this week’s NME, out in London today (April 3) and nationwide tomorrow (4).