Travis’ Fran Healy loses wedding ring at V Festival

Plus Scots debut new songs at Chelsmford leg

Travis were forced to halt their set at Chelmsford‘s V Festival this evening (August 17) after frontman Fran Healy lost his wedding ring.

The ring was lost during the group’s acoustic version of their hit ‘Flowers In The Window’.

Partway through the song, Healy stopped singing and told the crowd: “Hold on, hold on, I just dropped my wedding ring – it’s like ‘Lord Of The Rings’!”

However, he quickly found the ring and continued with the track, to great applause from the audience in the JJB Arena.

As well as performing their biggest hit singles, including ‘Writing To Reach You’ and ‘Sing’, Travis debuted three new songs from soon-to-be released new album ‘Ode To J Smith’, and two unnamed tracks.

Before 2007 single ‘Closer’, Healy said: “We’re going to kind of offset the rock with some acoustic balladeering.”

The band ended their set with ‘Turn’ and ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’, two singles from their 1999 album ‘The Man Who’.

Travis played:

‘Selfish Jean’

‘Writing To Reach You’


‘J. Smith’

‘(Untitled New Song)’

‘(Untitled New Song)’



‘Flowers In The Window’

‘All I Want To Do Is Rock’


‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’

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