'The Invisible Band' is rumoured to be released in June...

TRAVIS‘ new album is called ‘THE INVISIBLE BAND’, and is released in mid-June, according to US reports.

The US news service All Star ([url=] reports that ‘The Invisible Band’ will be released on June 12 in the US, which implies a June 11 release date in the UK.

A UK spokesperson for the band could not confirm the album details to NME.COM this morning (March 27), but said that ‘The Invisible Band’ had been a “working title” for the record.

As previously reported on NME.COM, it is anticipated that the first single from the album will be ‘Sing’, which will precede the album’s release.

Speaking previously to NME.COM, mainman Fran Healy said three songs, ‘Follow the Light’, ‘Dear Diary’ and ‘Last Train’, were written under pressure to complete the album.

He said: “We did the typical Travis thing, which is we got nine songs into the album, then I decided that I needed to write a couple more. It was really similar to the situation on ‘The Man Who’, when I went away and wrote ‘Blue Flashing Light’ and ‘Driftwood’ at the 11th hour.”